Friday, May 26, 2006

For Teen Depression

Got a nice note this AM from a mom regarding a post I did on our MedTees forum last year and thought I'd share it with the blog-o-sphere:

"Hi Wes -Found your posting of last fall about Out Of The Woods Walk and Dominic Palumbo, the 15 year old who founded the walk. Last year's efforts saw 73 walkers raise almost $13,000, providing about 140 pro bono counseling sessions for low-income or uninsured children, adults and families.

So we're doing it again this year on September 30, just in time to kick off Mental Health Awareness month. Please visit to be a part of this event. Dominic and Scott Costello, some of the counselors at PSC, are working on a teen and adolescent outreach program to educate kids about the symptoms of depression and to eliminate suicide.Hope to see you and friends/family at Out Of The Woods Walk on September 30!"

The power of people to make a difference. Cool.


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