Sunday, June 09, 2019

MOC's End Game: Physician Data Sales

Provider Information Management (actually Physicians Information Management) is the new digital currency being compiled and sold.

ABMS Maintenance of Certification (MOC®), is the means to keep that physician database current.

Meet Phynd Technologies, Inc., a partnership of ABMS Solutions, LLC, Epic Systems Corporation, Amazon Web Services, Drupal, and the non-profit Healthwise, a network of databases used by healthcare organizations to control costs while providing "deeper" patient and consumer engagement with information that they claim, "saves lives."
"Inaccurate provider information puts care, revenue, and reputation at risk.

There is no single source of truth, until Phynd.

Phynd serves as the single source for high-quality provider information:

who they are
where they work
what they do
what qualifications they have."
And let's not forget:
"Referring providers are important.

They’re worth $1 million a year or more to your health system.

You have 10 times as many referring providers as credentialed. Or more.

Your referring provider population is growing much faster than your credentialed population."
MOC® is not about physicians' education, skill, expertise, or knowledge. MOC® is just physician data, credentialed or not, compiled, reformulated, and for sale to the highest bidder.

All done with the blessing and support of our equally-conflicted medical subspecialty societies.



Anonymous said...

Since this is a civil liberties/rights issues in terms of both physican and the people they care for, has any of these issues including the litigation against the ABIM/ABMS been sent to the ACLU for their evaluation? It would be good to have as much pressure put on them as many fronts as possible, since the DOJ, IRS and state medical boards are not doing their jobs.

Phynd Series B Funding said...

"Phynd Technologies, Inc. Announces Completion of Series B Funding
Investments to Launch New Epic Collaboration and Extend Leadership in Provider Information Management Marketplace"

"Phynd Technologies, the leader in Provider Information Management, enables health systems to create and manage a single trusted source of high-quality provider information – who the providers are, where they work, what they do, and what qualifications they have. A robust SaaS-based application supported by a secure cloud platform, Phynd powers core health system processes, including find a doctor, patient referral, patient access, provider outreach, revenue cycle, and discharge management. (PRNewsfoto/Phynd Technologies, Inc.)

Phynd Technologies, Inc.
Jan 29, 2019, 08:30 ET"

PHYND 10-18 Investment, LLC ??? said...

This DE domiciled company may be related to Phynd. The registered agent "JR" is the son of a prominent criminal attorney in Dallas. Gilbert G. Garcia

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"Continuously Curated Provider Information" said...

Phynd Launches New Provider Health Plan Management Module
July 7, 2018News
"Phynd Technologies, Inc., the leading health care provider information management platform, today announced the release of Phynd 3.2, which includes powerful new software capabilities for managing provider health plan participation and network affiliation.

Health systems using the Phynd platform enjoy highly-accurate, detailed, continuously curated provider information including specialty, subspecialty, clinical terms, and provider locations. Phynd’s expanded health plan participation and network affiliation tracking tools are designed to support accountable care organizations (ACOs), value-based care physician and hospital networks, and other clinically integrated networks participating in fee-for-service, risk-based contracts or alternative payment models (APMs)."

DrTaras said...

Shouldn't there be a way to opt out of sharing your information (or even better having to opt in) like they do with credit cards? Seems like a class action lawsuit waiting to happen (gulp, did I just condone juris-philia?)!

Anonymous said...

Should be a class action lawsuit, a complaint against being forced to waive one's rights away. ABMS medical board writes disclaimers (no liability for them), when writing their take it or leave it "pledges" and so called contracts that leave physicians vulnerable to civil and criminal penalties.