Saturday, March 16, 2019

ABMS Board of Directors Accepts ABMS Vision Commission's Recommendations

ABMS Board of Directors Accepts "Independent"
ABMS-funded ABMS Vision Commission's Recommendations
Enough said. 


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Anonymous said...

Apparently , the ACC and ABIM have agreed to a different MOC.

Ive read it several times and i dont understand it .

Maybe you can understand it.

Anonymous said...

I understand it. It is more deceit from smooth professional medical politicians colluding to disenfranchise cardiologists from exercising their rights. Independent critical thinking and action are being discouraged and replaced with forced obeyance. You must participate in MOC® or else. The ACC, once a member-driven medical society, has in essence sold out their members. Private discussions, which the "members" were not privy to, reveal a deceitful approach and strategy. "Members" and the public should ask for copies of those private discussions between ABIM "consultants" and executives/board and the ACC "consultants" and executives!
What they have done violates professional and ethical standards as stated in the ABIM Foundations Physicians' Charter. Unless they have privately revised it to cross out the bit about conflicts of interest and every other moral perception that should guide our behavior on a daily basis. Ethical action seems to be in short supply at the ABIM and ACC. In short the ACC was targeted to quell any dissent in the MOC debate and neutralize one of the key medical specialties involved in fighting MOC. Cardiology.

Members Only Club (MOC®) said...

What a circus - nobody is buying it (but you are forced to buy into it MOC®)

"ABMS to take immediate action on independent Commission’s recommendations to make continuing certification programs more meaningful, relevant and of value to key stakeholders"

First of all, there was no "independent Commission". The members were appointed for show to create the impression that the ABMS was a transformed new organization that was accountable to the public. Nothing could be further from the truth.

"Taking immediate action" is a giveaway phrase revealing that the ABMS "Vision" Commission leadership was instructed to reach forgone conclusions. No deviation from the corporate program. The foreordained conclusions centered around how the ABMS and medical specialty boards were going to continue their forced MOC® march. Shoving the MOC® program and other brand name products down physicians' and the public's throat by hook or crook. In other words. "March or else!"

The ABMS was advised by their expensive internal PR staff/risk managers working with external makeover firms and their special interest stakeholders) to do something to give the appearance that the ABMS and its member boards were now a reformed authoritarian monopoly. The ABMS desperately needed to shed its nefarious skin for the sake of appearances as any violator of the public good and trust musts do from time to time. (In order to keep the trust so vital to every scheme.)

The ABMS VC is similar to what the ABIM flagship corporation did to makeover their image. I'm not sure anyone noticed any change, really. Just like the ABIM that hired ambitious politicians (not physicians) to run the organization, to try to create the impression that they were transformed - from an unaccountable authoritarian partisan society into an inclusive one - by breaking down internal silos and trying to be more careful about being such an obvious shill/exponent for/of corporate special interests.

In fact, the only thing that resulted from creating their independent "vision" commission was a momentary myopic reprieve from the ongoing scrutiny and investigations into their painfully obvious profiteering. (Lawsuits are a big problem for them. It may come out that their propaganda efforts only prove how deep the deep pocketed racketeering scheme is and how collusive it is.)

The ABMS was "advised" to put on a fur coat for the fall/winter season to look like a teddy bear and emerge in the spring as a spanking new "club" ready to serve the needs of physicians and the public. But no one is buying it, because it is a ruse. The thick soft fur served as a temporary distraction/disinformation campaign for the gullible only. Unfortunately, most trusting people can almost immediately see through the disguise. Such insincere actions on the part of the ABMS cartel in the end only add a further layer of opaqueness and deceit to the egregiously conflicted and monopolistic franchise.

The ABMS Vision Commission was a circus show distraction riding the bicycle around in circles for a couple of seasons while the political jugglers and financial tight rope walkers could get their acts together. In plain English this disinformation campaign allowed the vipers within to continue to slither freely conducting their venomous "business as usual" inside their nefarious thick-skinned organization.

Where is the meaning, relevance and value in that? For whom?

Bêtes Noires (ACC Merges with ABIM) said...

CMP® "Collaborative Maintenance Program" Propaganda Strategy

The Romans had a saying. "Be audacious in lying, because something is always going to stick."

ACC NCDR Data Breach (That ACC covered-up for years! said...

ACC's Breach of Trust and Breach of Data - dying trust in healthcare leadership and the ABIM's ongoing deceit

Did you know it took the ACC seven years to report that the National Cardiology Data Registry NCDR (patients' personal/health information/data) was breached in 2009 and 2010.
It was only reported in the spring of 2016.

"ACC notifies 1,400 institutions of potential data breach
April 14, 2016, Tim Casey, Practice Management

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) notified 1,400 institutions that patient data from the National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR) might have been breached."