Monday, February 12, 2018

Getting Behind the Iron Curtain

Thanks to all the physicians that have completed the MOC Survey so far. There has been an impressive outpouring of physician responses so far with many thousands of physicians responding to date. But we are not done.

As most of us are aware, numerous errors can occur with surveys. For instance, sampling error and coverage errors are two of the most commonly cited, but measurement and non-sampling error (those who choose not to complete the survey) can be sources of error, too.

To improve the reliability and acceptance of the MOC survey we're collecting, it is imperative that we obtain as many responses from as many physicians in different geographic locations and practice environments as possible. This is especially true when trying to collect responses from "Behind the Iron Curtain" of hospital employment. In my view, this is an especially important group of physicians to survey, but also one of the most challenging to sample. Any and all assistance we can garner from those who have already participated in the survey would be greatly appreciated. Once again, all practicing US physicians from all subspecialties are invited to participate. Here's the link to share with your colleagues:

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