Thursday, January 25, 2018

MOC Survey Update

The MOC survey, sponsored by Practicing Physicians of America, continues to be completed by a wider and wider physician group across the United States and US territories. Every single state and US territory have physicians who have contributed so far, but more are still needed to improve the credibility and statistical significance of the survey. Many physicians and state medical societies have worked diligently to assure frontline physicians voices are heard.

ALL physician voices are welcome. The average time to complete the survey has been about six minutes. Realize that all physicians will not see all questions on the survey due to logic contained in the survey. For instance, physicians who have not recieved their initial board certification will be have to complete questions on MOC (or Osteopathic Continuous Certification (OCC)).

I would encourage all doctors to share this survey with their colleagues and continue to circulate if as far as possible. I hope to be able to present these data at the AMA House of Delegates meeting in June 2018.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. 



Anonymous said...

I found the survey here. Can the survey be linked to everyone who is in AMA? Can it be linked to everyone has a valid state medical license? I think it needs to be sent to all possible physician links.

DrWes said...

The link to send colleagues is supplied above. Realize that the survey is directed to ABMS Board certified physicians involved in patient care, so physicians who have not completed their initial board certification or don’t care for patients directly needn’t complete the survey.

Strong and Precise: Let's Stop MoC in Every State said...

The strong clear language and link to patient harms put Indiana on track for a clear hard to argue with victor. Good to emulate this strong winning attack on the Ponzi scheme called MOC.

Anonymous said...

Stop this behavior IMMEDIATELY
Dr. Richard Baron