Monday, November 27, 2017

American Academy of Pediatrics "Sets Sail" to Track All US Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics, (aka, "Big Brother") wants to track your children. Physicians who support the program can earn MOC® credits, too:
The Academy has set sail to be the first entity to collect, store and analyze health data on all U.S. children. The board agreed to commit $583,000 in resources from the Tomorrow’s Children Endowment to begin development of a child health clinical data registry, which is expected to unfold over five years. This unprecedented initiative, called Clinical Health Information and Longitudinal Data Registry (CHILD), is the outgrowth of two strategic plan objectives:

Use data and metrics to develop and priori­tize areas of need for child health policies. Provide state-of-the-art pediatric practice information in the context of a changing industry and professional landscape. Data would be captured through electronic health records, integrated health care systems, payers and existing pediatric disease registries. Data elements would include well-child and sick visits, chronic disease diagnosis and management, specialty care, and developmental and behavioral care. The registry also would include a patient portal to allow parents and patients to input data, while alleviating complications surrounding privacy laws.

Christoph U. Lehmann, M.D., FAAP, medical director of the AAP Child Health Informatics Center, and professor of pediatrics and biomedical informatics, Department of Medicine, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, presented project details to the board, including the following primary goals:

Create substantial improvements in child health and well-being. Accelerate advances in child health. Improve outcomes for children using data. Demonstrate the trajectory of child health through adulthood. Among the benefits of this registry, Dr. Lehmann said, are tracking childhood health and illness trends, which would help draw conclusions on a number of areas, including gaps in care, treatment options and regional variations in care. The data also will help inform the creation of AAP guidelines and policies, and provide guidance to payers.

Members could use the data to help create reports for quality improvement projects, as well as for meaningful use and Maintenance of Certification, Dr. Lehmann said.
What could possibly go wrong?



Big Brother BIG DATA said...

For the American Academy of Pediatrics and others who have invented their "perfect systems", nothing seems to exist outside their opaque Orwellian schemes and mentality.

There is nothing that strikes one as being humanly true or sacred in their sterile digital "matrix of control" (MOC); only the ring of falsity, greed and more unwelcome intrusion into our lives.

What could possibly go wrong with their (ABMS and colluding medical societies) thinly disguised desire for increased maintenance of control and cash?

More of everything that's already gone wrong stemming from their ludicrous inventory of inventions and onerous mandates.

Who writes this plasticized commercial tripe for medical societies looking to cash in on the data collection wave? Is it supposed to sound tantalizing?

It is plain to see that our society is being overrun by a strange new breed of people who lack intelligence and conscience. Do we really want our personal and professional lives engineered by cunning greedy fools and their supremely evil elite masters who have no thread of reason or morality left.

These people really do have no clothes on as they parade around in all their degenerate pomposity. WE THE PEOPLE should have the guts to stop paying into their sickening "shows" and push to have the most egregious indicted for indecency, whatever the case may be.

ABIM: BIG DATA Thugs said...

The sting operation that obliterated the ABIM's reputation forever
(The illegal data foray that side-stepped privacy, the constitution and bill of rights.)

What could possibly go wrong when you hire felons and unscrupulous legal thugs to "investigate" competing board review courses to put them out of business?

What could possibly go wrong when you try to ruthlessly increase market share for your partners (ACP, Mayo, Cleveland Clinic, NEJM, and others), and make a profit on the side threatening/roughing up physicians with sanctions and suits?

What could go wrong when your "data collectors" and "investigators" along with your "legal contractors" are moonlighting making a name for themselves and creating/enhancing lucrative private markets for their testing security partners?

What could possibly go wrong when thugs clandestinely endeavor to gain more financial and political control for their corporate gangland bosses and then get caught?

Lisa said...

Big Brother is doing lots of tracking on everyone--once privacy is lost you cannot get it back! It's important to resist government over-reach. See:

The data-fetish is moved us toward "population health" which usually means you will receive treatment for whatever ails the group as a whole, regardless of whether that is why you may attempt to see a physician. Also "truthfulness" is only one of many metrics which are all "equally valid" so life & death decisions about us will be made base on information which may be partially or completely false. The important thing is to come up with a process & treatment for all group members then collect more data to study the effectiveness of "treatment" which was for what the group was supposed to have, which may or may not have been accurate information.

This sounds like a spoof but truth is stranger than fiction: I'm just laying out where we are going so we might change course before it's too late. I know a lot of people like the idea of ACA & want to find a way to fix socialism, though it has always been the pathway to poverty, disease, and mass starvation. It's not going to work. Medicare for all is a peculiar goal for a country like the United States. Medicare is the absolute lowest value per dollar for helping patients, and because it is perfectly designed for easy fraud, the fraud controls to try to slow the bleeding make it extremely difficult for physicians to want to bother with, especially with how low the reimbursements are.

Nonetheless, Bernie still wants us all on the worst patient care model, that is lowest reward/ highest pain in the rear for doctors:
Notice at 3:18 "anti-Tuberculosis league" is mentioned. This effectively got Canada to embrace a medicare for all model of healthcare (even though every one of them who wants good care and has some cash will always come to USA for treatment)

Our lawmakers have pushed to flood us with infectious migrants to the point where we can only say this is germ warfare. The US taxpayer picks up the tab for all the healthcare and other expenses (housing/food/allowance/other) but when an American citizen is infected then meet your deductible first and then we'll see about treating. Oh, also Americans have last priority in this new healthcare model because we're doing "replacement migration". Breitbart has done numerous stories on the TB problem alone, although we are also importing in a rape culture without prohibiting people with HIV from entering USA. If that sounds "too racist" then I guess that's what I am. Now is the time to fight for our country before we are infected, disposed of, plundered and replaced. Seems like a lot of folks that visit this blog might share my concerns. Thanks in advance for protecting the USA while we still have a country...