Tuesday, October 31, 2017

ABIM and the Human Diagnosis Project

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse, look what your ever-increasing American Board of Internal Medicine test fees are paying for now:
Fostering broader access to affordable, trustworthy, and meaningful artificial intelligence is a key goal for many in the industry, including an international group of stakeholders working on the Human Diagnosis (Human DX) Project.

Spearheaded by prominent organizations including the American Medical Association, American College of Physicians, and American Board of Internal Medicine, the initiative plans to bring quality specialty care, backed by artificial intelligence, to underserved patients around the globe.
... yet another unproven political agenda.



"The Project" said...

Human DX is not a non-profit organization trying to do good and relieve the suffering of the world, it is a for-profit corporation, an off-street startup created with one intention in mind. Money and Big Data.

Seeing the Human DX "Project" with the ABIM, AMA and ACP tells it all about the sum of the four businesses. They are in the fast growing "data for bucks" program.

Human DX was incorporated in Delaware, has an alley office near UCSF, a message phone from somewhere in the Midwest and an entrepreneurial spokes in DC, who does little to no work as a physician. If a Foundation gives them "big money" for the "hope" of "Big Data" we will see how corrupt, blind, or both that organization is.

Believe what you will about the ABMS, AMA, ACP theater of the absurd, the Human DX is as real as Blair Witch.

Anonymous said...

Hello obsolescence.

Our own specialty societies will use the legitimacy of the physicians who remain members to market their AI to employers and insurance companies as a cheaper alternative to face to face in-office visits.

You can see a doctor for a $50 copay or log in to HAL 9000 for free. The insurance company will mail a BP cuff, stethoscope and electrodes for free. HAL 9000 will check up on you daily and recommend further testing (lab work, CXR, etc) at local insurance owned facilities.

This is the future.

Celin said...

Transforming? ABIM may already be a financial ghost. Insolvent.

Just look at the recent consolidated tax forms.
The mounting annual lo$$es and perennial deficits shout "going concern".

Better get your certifications registered and backed-up with the NBPAS before the City of Philly turns off the ABIM's lights.

Collection Centre Drive said...

Just look at the ABIM as they turn an old Iowa-based paper and pen testing company into a global data mining center.

What happened to the old testing farm?

They moved to Philadelphia where they tried to do it all.

They putzed and piddled and piddled and putzed until they pissed all their rent money away.