Wednesday, May 24, 2017

We Want to Know

Dear Richard Baron,

As President and CEO of the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and its affiliated Foundation, the ABIM Foundation, you are responsible for public disclosure of IRS tax forms 990 to the public. Those tax forms were due at the IRS office 15 May 2017 for the ABIM's 2016 fiscal year (1 July 2015-30 June 2016).

Where are they?

We want to know.

We want to know because the finances of the ABIM and its Foundation are of paramount importance to us, your diplomates. We believe those finances are the reason we are required us to participate in the ABMS trademarked Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program. Because of clever regulatory capture through this unproven and monopolistic educational program, your organization is responsible for the ability of one quarter of ALL US physicians to work.

We want to know where our money that we pay for your unproven testing is going.

We want to know how much you paid yourself and your officers.

We want to know your legal expenses.

We want to know if you lobbied last year and how much you paid for it.

We want to know if you purchased another condominium for your organizations.

We want to know how much your paid PearsonVue.

We want to know who were your revolving-door officers that year and how much you paid them.

Right now, seventeen states have brought forth legislation to combat MOC. Doctors are leaving work to testify against the requirement for MOC that has been carefully incorporated to our new payment formula (MACRA) and HEDIS requirements made by the National Committee on Quality Assurance for the nation's hospitals, courtesy to Ms. Margaret O'Kane (who doesn't even hold a medical degree), and her board participation with the American Board of Medical Specialties, of which the ABIM is one of 24 specialty organizations.

We want to know the ABIM's finances because our jobs depend on that information. We want to bring that information before state legislatures so we may objectively and factually highlight your spending.

We will not rest any longer, Dr. Baron.

We want to know and we have the right, by law, to know.

Westby G. Fisher, MD
ABIM Diplomate #127308


A Texas Internist said...

Hello All -
An update from the Lone Star State today -

As I said yesterday - lots of political shenanigans going on in Austin - and although the MOC bill was supposed to have been done yesterday - it was not done completely - and will continue on today -

It appears multiple amendments were made - and I am trying to find the text of these right now -

Will let you know when more information is known.

One day at a time - again Wes thanks for everything.

EAH said...

It is the right of every American to see the books and records of the ABIM (or any 501(c)(3) non-profit organization). I am a patient living in rural America and it is my right to know why we are losing so many primary care docs, surgeons, and specialty care physicians, here, and all across the nation (and in urban areas. This is no joke. Many of our physicians that I interviewed cites MOC as one of the important reasons that we are not keeping docs in practice longer. Or not going into medicine at all. We have a shortage of physicians that is critical. Other reasons stated is burnout and bureaucracy that is now hardwired into the job. What is MOC if not burnout and red tape.
Physicians should have a right to choose their education and not have it mandated with threat of losing their jobs.
Why do hospitals and insurers require MOC? I understand there is a huge conflict of interest in this revolving door quality assurance industry with many organizations including the NCQA and the ABMS.
I just want to have the assurance to have a physician involved in my care and not have to drive two hundred miles round trip to see one. That is the highest form of quality assurance for me. I am going to be blunt and tell you that a "provider" does not cut it for me. I want a physician. I'm tired of the bullshit. I would be happy to come to Philadelphia and talk in person to you, Dr. Baron. I also want to know more about the CMS and our government interfering in healthcare when we were told long a ago that government would stay out of my relationship with my physician. Insurance companies deny, deny, deny insulin and strips. Can you get all that is going on? I have to fight with insurers and now I have to go to Washington DC to fight against the ABMS. If that is what it takes I will march in the streets and talk until blue with my legislators. MOC is in my face and I also want it out of my life!
Physicians don't have time to do this MOC and see me too. I don't have the time or extra money to spend on gas, time away from work (whole day) to drive to the nearest city.

DrWes said...

It seems ABIM has now posted their FY 2016 Form 990's on their website today.

Keeping the Great MOC Lie Alive said...

Fanatical Politics, Profligacy, and the Psychometric Paradigm in the New Millennium

It should be time for the ABIM and ABIM Foundation to fill out a new tax exemption request form 1023 from the IRS. Whatever requisite form they skated through on for the past forty years is obviously not relevant anymore. They are not a charity; they are a profit-seeking enterprise and political entity that does not meet the required qualifications for a charitable non-profit organization.

Legal Fees Wasted on Malicious Attacks

One million dollars in legal fees persecuting Dr. Salas Rushford for political and financial reasons. Nearly nine years of witch hunts and destroying lives.
Paying the CEO nearly a million dollars annually. Outrageous.

The Pivot to Asia and Europe

Tossing away nearly $$$50,000 on global expansion in Singapore is not my idea of spending money on the core mission of protecting the American patient. What's up here? What gives? You have to factor in all those "perks" paid out to the officials and academics there in Singapore that does not get included in this nebulous ABIM/ABMS array of Asian payouts. ABMS International is a money loser. Why should ABIM put out physicans fees to keep the executives afloat there in Chicago and Singapore. How much of that 370K went to the global push for MOC/ACGME/ABMS world hegemony? We'll never know, because they list it as "other" on their IRS filings. How many forms 1042 are they filling out (or failing to)?

The Darker Side of the ABMS and MOC

Why Singapore? It's no secret that there are is a dark (legal) side to things such as sex trade in Singapore. Nothing sells a product and controls markets better than entertainment of the compromising kind. My spidey sense tells me that the ACGME/ABIM/ABMS connection in Asia is worth investigating - just how the ABIM/ABMS/ACGME cartel managed to outbid the British in Singapore for the "model healthcare educational system". I am very skeptical of this cartel and we all should be. It think they are hiding money and have slush funds and local actors offshore in Singapore and elsewhere. Is this entertainment theatre the big draw for the ABIM and ABMS in their axis toward Singapore - an inroad to Asia where they can cheaply expand?

We need transparency not a Cassel-gate lobby house

This "educational" expansion into lucrative financial markets abroad needs further explanation from Drs. Baron and Nora now that Dickey's Dacha or the ABIM/F fun house/lobby condo has been closed down and sold to the lowest bidder. Of course, only after they got caught with their profligate pants down (so to speak). I suspect there are potential leaks that have to be managed in Philadelphia and Chicago too, not just DC! That all costs money. And people like the ABIM has had don't threaten (I mean intimidate) folks for free.

ABIM Form 1096: More Intimations of Misconduct and Cover-up said...

What's in a number on Box 3 of form 1096 and can we see those 568 forms?

Curious, in relation to this question of the hidden workforce/proselytes of the ABMS/ACGME and their cartel. Why does the ABIM claim 586 employee-related forms on box 3 of their form 1096. This is referenced just before the IRS asks the ABIM or any non-profit how many employees they have on page 5. Why such a high response on their 1096 form (568 employee forms) when they have only 268 employees??? ????!!!

Have there been any payments made in relation to he former COO Ms. Langdon or any hidden contractors surrounding their double-felon Mr. Mannes the "director of investigations" who made some inroads into Asia with his Korean peninsula investigatory scandal. How much did that globalist fiasco cost? And isn't it just the same as hush money to pay "retired" or "laid-off" employees to keep their mouths shut.
Mannes spouted off too much lately. What is his relationship with the ABIM/Caveon - an ABMS contractor.

How many contractors have been paid over the years that have not been listed, but should have been? And what kind of clandestine activities are going on now. Can we have a closer look at their employees/contractors, what they do and how much the ABIM is squandering on them to keep the "Great MOC Lie" afloat?

And what about all those potential lawsuits from all the constitutional rights violations. How many costly fingers are working on keeping the truth from inundating the ABIM?

Golf Clubs in PA said...

Why is Dr. Baron giving away over 652,000 dollars of physicians fees to Project Assistants? (Latest 990 IRS form.)

"Executive Forum (Project Assistants model event - golfing in Pennsylvania)

Join us this fall for a day of deep thought and networking with like-minded senior management colleagues, with a top shelf Philadelphia main-line country club golf experience.

Who should attend:

Professional Services senior management looking to drive improved profitability in the delivery of Professional Services engagements.

Professional Services Sales Executives & Directors/Managers
Professional Services Delivery Executives & Directors/Managers
Professional Services Program and Project Managers
Project Assistants will be providing information on lodging and shuttle service for those who plan to travel to this event.

Suggested attire:

Country club casual (lockers will be provided to golfers who may wish to change into golf clothing)"

Healthcare companies galore: Project Assistants CEO Gus Cicala presents at the Pharmaceutical Strategy Conference

All for-profit (who we are)

Anonymous said...

Number of contractors paid over $100,000 to this past year hired by ABIM 21 (most not listed on tax forms). How much did they spend and on what? Of the five they listed totals $5,6$$,$$$ --$5.6 million. The lowest was paid over $652,000 and the highest contractor nearly two million. They spent a million paying Ballard Spar's "criminal" attorneys for trying to harm a physician with a time-barred copyright infringement fiasco. That will come back to bite them. That million to a casino lawyer and the other attorney who had no respect for constitutional guarantees and privacy does not cover the time period from July 2016-present. A lot of money for bringing a bluff to the courts. The judge and the taxpayer should also be angry for the ABIM wasting money. I'd send that bill to Dr. Baron and Chris Cassel!

Anonymous said...

How sweet it is! Dr Baron is on track to surpass Christine Cassel in deferred compensation.
They have almost a million put away for him already after three disastrous financial years. All the CEO have walked away with a truck load of money.

COQK Transactions with Related Orgs said...

3 million smackers going back and forth from the ABIM's big piggy bank - the ABIM Foundation.
No they did not buy back the condo.

Page forty-two - what a neck breaker! See C O Q K (Mr. Mandes)

Anonymous said...

Wow that 3 million is helping to keep the ABIM afloat.
2 million to pad/make payroll. (Dr. Baron's wishful five-year plan.)
Nearly half mil grant. Thank you very much.
Ditto half mil for "reimbursement". Gracias!
Hundred-ten thou to help with the "lease". Spacebo!

ABMS/ABIM Pivot to Asia said...

How much does the ABMS/ABIM really spend on global adventurism? Consider that ABMS "member dues" were collected from the specialty boards to the tune of $7,238,000 in 2015. So we can say that each ABMS member board is paying big price tag to support the ABMS International and ABMS financing from huge annual revenue streams from the 24 member boards. ABMS is a very expensive "umbrella".

What about ABMS Singapore and how much income does it produce? Let's look at Asian expenses.

According to the ABMS tax filings their ABMS Singapore revenues for 2015 were $0.00.
ABMS Singapore, LLC is a directly controlled entity of ABMS International. ABMS International is a directly controlled entity of the ABMS. All entities are stated to be "legally domiciled" in Illinois.

ABMS activities outside the United States. How much do they "invest" or expense? ("certification program development")

In 2015 ABMS International "East Asia-Pacific" burned through $3,833,436. They claimed 0 offices and 0 employees. This was claimed to be for development of certification programs.
In 2014 ABMS International "East Asia-Pacific" spent $3,544,698 for the development of certification programs.
Interestingly, in 2013, ABMS International's expenditure was greater - $4,122,566 for development of certification programs. They list their active regions as East Asia - Pacific - Australia, Brunei, Burma and Cambodia. They claim 2 employee/contractors and 1 office at the time. (We assume that office was in Singapore, but it is not revealed in the forms.)

We are also not told anything about the financial arrangements that the 24 medical boards have with the ABMS pertaining to ABMS Singapore or its controlling entity ABMS International.

In February, 2012 the ABMS International published the following statement on their website.

“The American Board of Internal Medicine is honored to be working in collaboration with ABMS and the Singapore Ministry of Health to support their efforts to set standards of competency assessments for internal medicine residents in Singapore,” said Eric Holmboe, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President, American Board of Internal Medicine. “These standards will not only be markers of professionalism for these physicians, but will also provide their physicians with a way to measure the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver quality care.”

A couple other ABMS medical boards made similar statements - the American Board of Pathology and the American Board of Pediatrics.

How much does ABIM claim to make from ABMS Singapore's hefty investment outlay? (Remember, ABMS International claims to get 0 in income?)

The ABIM's most recent 990 "2016" actually showed revenues from ABMS Singapore of $43,851.
In 2015 ABIM's "ABMS Singapore" revenue is stated to be $178,750. In 2014 the number is the same $178,752.
Why the fourfold decline in revenue in 2016 to $43,851?

To make matters even more confusing, according to ABMS' 2015 990 tax filings, which is the only tax form year that references revenues from ABMS Singapore, ABMS Singapore claimed $0.00 revenues. I find this strange when the ABMS claims to make roughly $5 million a year from international certifications.

According to published articles Singapore has a physician shortage. The per capita number of physicians to patients (2013 ratio) stood on par with the United States. Both countries were at the bottom of the graph for developed nations.

Pivot to Asia said...

ABMS/ABIM Pivot to Asia (cont.)

So we have a lot of questions, but no real direct talk coming from the quality assurance cartel about their agenda. Why have diplomates and candidates of the ABMS/ABIM put out so much money to provide services and "program development" outside the country. What is the ABMS doing? Why are diplomates and candidates of the ABMS (every certified physician past and present) doing burning through 11.5 million dollars in East Asia - Pacific - Austrailia, Brunei, Burma, and Cambodia over a scant three years. $4 million per year to conquer/destroy/control other nations medical systems.

Really what is it for and how does it serve patients in the US? It's like the disgraced MOC program - it all just serves to make quality assurance less and not more by losing focus and distorting what physicians and patients really need here in America. The ABMS and its cronies are empire builders and not serving anyone in the US public. "Greed and control" is their history and profligacy and kleptocracy the name of their globalist expansionist aims.

I wish the ABMS/ABIM would just be clear with the public and tell us transparently who the special interests are they serve. List these vested entities, corporations, and organizations in the tax forms.

Proverb: grasp two things in your greedy hands, you lose both. said...

Going the way of the "stupid" dodo (but who's the dodo?)

Rather than focusing on "lifetime certification" in behalf of physicians and the public the corrupt ABMS administration and their 24 member boards have chosen the pathway of being a malicious regime focused on "coercive MOC expansion and globalist empire" as their main agenda. (Not unlike self-centered sailors, feral rats and pigs, and other invasive species infiltrating delicate ecosystems and environs where they really don't belong.)

The ABMS umbrella and their "twenty-four member birds baked in their greedy pie" are headed down the wrong path toward administrative dissolution and ultimate extinction like the "stupid dodo". (Or vice versa for passive physicians who let them get away with it.) Strange how stupidity destroys you, but it's alright in the case of the ABMS and their boards. They outlived their purpose many decades ago.

Now these ABMS profligates (the professional medical politicians) working in behalf of special interests are producing only harm. But they are not going to just go away. The have billions of reasons to fight against any resistance to their irreverent actions and control.

But the world desperately needs more physicians who are now perhaps going the way of the dodo with the malicious intrusion of (ABMS) feral agents of the quality assurance/certification cartel and the powerful special interests they represent.

Time for physicians to fight or it will be too late! The world will lose more and more physicians to the "feral rats and pigs" until there are only muted photos and a few youtube videos left.

Anonymous said...

When "they" gather/collect enough data from physicians on how to diagnose and treat, a million Watsons will take over medicine and guide their armies of providers.

Anonymous said...

The 24 ABMS member boards should stop paying those outrageous membership dues. What are they supposed to be for? And how does the ABMS spend that tribute money?
Look what they do with it: lobbying for MOC and regulatory capture. More control over physicians and less rights for the patient.

Each member medical board pays hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to be a "member". Physician fees pay for it. That's incredible, and totally unacceptable.
Look how ABMS spends our money on their chief counsel $300,000 to lobby legislatures and intimidate honest hard-working physicians. The guy studied abroad and lived in the UK.

Look what the ABMS, ABIM, and ABpeds are doing in Singapore. What "in lucifer's unholy name" are they doing in Singapore conducting "foreign policy" with physicians fees and the taxpayers dime.

Are the ABMS member boards just pawns of the ABMS and Washington's domestic and foreign policy? It appears to be blatantly true. The ABMS and the member boards like the ABIM and ABPediatrics and ABPathology should give us a full disclosure and accounting of what they are (and have been) up to behind our backs in Asia.

Anonymous said...

Percy said...

They're all in it together at the ABMS and the member boards. One hand washes another.

Where does all that money go? said...

Does ABIM pay too much to its employees?

Look at the eye-popping salaries on the IRS filings.

The executives still work a great deal from home and do not clock in or out. Recently the 35-hour work week was revised to appear on the 990's as 40-hour work weeks, but this is only deception. They don't keep track of time. Former CEO Christine Cassel was not even required to show up for work in her 35-hour work week. She did not even live in Pennsylvania, but in New Mexico and out of a luxurious suite in DC.

Baron has a loose arrangement also. The ABIM should make their contracts and work-related policies available for purview online. Just because they do some window dressing for the taxman and public does not mean they have changed anything.

According to the most recent IRS filings, the ABIM chief of staff, Suzanne Biemiller was paid double what she was making working for the City of Philadelphia in the same job capacity doing much more work for Mayor Nutter - and with much more passion for the job. We actually don't know what she did for ABIM; Dr. Baron never acknowledged her departure from the organization or gave her a public acknowledgement/thank-you. Totally rude according to observers. Biemiller was paid just a few thousand dollars shy of $300K. That's a huge pay increase from around $150K at the city. ABIM is a non-profit organization.

I believe the ABIM is hurting healthcare in America and many people who are honest with themselves or idealistic can't work there for long. Dr. Baron and the rest of the ABMS are hurting the image of medicine with their obvious greed for money. Outrageous salaries for serving the public. Biemiller did not stay long at the ABIM and it is not clear why she left or if she left at all. Maybe she is still there! But because the ABIM has zero transparency and respect for people hell will freeze over until we find out anything of importance form them.

The apparent replacement for COO Lynn Langdon, Nkanta Hines, was paid less than Langdon, but $358K is way more than CEO's of many successful for-profit organizations make. And they have benefits that I understand are fabulous. Why did Hines, a male, get paid over $60K more than Suzanne Biemiller? Are women still not treated fairly at the ABIM. Look at the court records and you will find plenty of law suits from woman claiming they were victims of discrimination as women and for the color of their skin.

What kind of internal disturbances caused Biemiller to leave. We understand she is no quitter. Did it have something to do with the hiring of Benjamin Mannes, a huge problem for the ABIM's reputation, and the former Director of Human Resources Donna Campbell who left around the end of the year also? Campbell is a white woman who fired two African American HR managers who had been there a combined quarter of a century serving the ABIM. The ABIM was forced to pay hush money to keep the discrimination lawsuits out of court.

Anonymous said...

Is Rich Baron worth three Chiefs of Staff or 30 or more Diplomate Representatives

And why should Rich Baron CEO get paid $850K nearly triple what the chief of staff was paid.
That just is not equitable. And this is a non-profit organization! The window dressing that goes on at the ABIM would be humorous if the organization was not so tragic in how it treats their clients and the public. It is literally lie heaped upon lie and window dressing after dressing to whitewash each scandal. From hiring a double felon for the purposes of corporate spying "investigating" and attacking any and all corporate competitors of the ACP/ABIM to buying a luxury condo with the sweet Mercedes ride to the egregious conflicts of interest of Christine Cassel.

And we have the scandal of millions of dollars going to Cayman Island offshore accounts on top of all the previous secretive risky hedge fund investing and transferring physicians fees to make it all happen. And part of the mystery of the 1096 form number 569 is explained by all the double dipping into that First Bank of the ABIM, the ABIM Foundation. All those executive payouts must really keep the CFO Mandes busy as he gets paid over $400K writing at least one extra 1099 form for himself and Rich Baron every year.

ABIM Offers Psychometricican Internship said...

ABIM's Summer Internship Program for Psychometricians (More missing 1099's accounted for?)
Psychometric Research? Talent Search? Or Cheap Labor Force?

SNL said...

I agree. 568 is a lot of W-2's and 1099 forms to be issuing for 268 employees. Are they ALL getting money from both organizations -- the ABIM AND ABIM Foundation. The executives certainly are. What misdirection and sleight of hand from the CEO, CoS, CMO, Chief Ethicist, CFO and HR Director! That big piggy bank for the ABMS, ACP and all the rest should be shut down. What the ABIM execs do is called "having your cake and eating it too"!

Gary M. Levin said...

We need to file a FOIA form for disclosure. Form for Non profits is in the public domain