Sunday, September 11, 2016

I'm Thinking Vasodepressor Syncope

Hillary Clinton leaving the 9-11 memorial service:
There she was, standing in one place for quite a while while feeling poorly, being supported by one or more colleagues (? secret service agents?), when she tries to "walk" and stumbles toward the ground.

This just doesn't smack of an abrupt cardiac arrhythmia (usually there's no warning there), but rather hypotension. Perhaps a simple faint. Perhaps a side effect of medications. Whatever it was, there wasn't enough blood pressure to remain vertical unassisted.

Other thoughts? (Please be respectful).



Anonymous said...

Outside Chelsea Clinton's apartment Ms. Clinton appears pretending as though nothing has happened after her collapse and losing a shoe beneath her van. That is wrong to hide facts, unless she was totally unaware of what happened, and nobody was thoughtful enough to tell her she fell - legs dropping out beneath her. "How are you," someone asked. Feeling great. "What happened?" shouts a reporter. It's a beautiful day in New York.

I don't know what happened, but she should have been taken immediately to New York-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital, just seven minutes away for a work-up.
How irresponsible on the part of the secret service detail protecting her! In the name of political ambition and control some folks are willing to sacrifice Hillary health. Or perhaps they are supporting her artificially, to get her through the election, thus equally sacrificing Ms. Clinton's future well-being and health and not being upfront about it. The queen of England is ninety and I have never seen her with such health issues. Hillary and her campaign team are behaving badly concerning her health and not being transparent about the issues she has. Celebrity/political life is not healthy and takes its toll early. I suggest that both candidates be fully evaluated and monitored by independent physicians/institutions to make sure they are not being mismanaged and are not partaking in drug regimens that are harmful or unwise.

Anonymous said...

"Feeling great!" ?????????? Her doctor tells us she has pneumonia. Endless lies!
Sorry this is political bullshit and it has to stop. Lives depend on truth and accuracy in foreign and domestic policy. Why does not Hillary get a better doctor for God's sake - one who's really keeping up and not just winging it. MOC is not keeping up, by the way, but being pushed under the bus. MOC is just another lie of Hillary, Cassel, Baron, Kimball, and her Washington cronies to extract money for their political slush funds fronts - the ABMS "pseudo-medical boards" in Chicago and Philly!

Emme said...

I think you nailed the diagnosis. Not an arrhythmia for the reason you cited. She was already ill, she was wearing a ton of clothing and she had been standing in the hot sun for 90 minutes. Vasovagal syncope. She looked well and her gait was steady after she emerged from her daughter's apartment, presumably after having been fluid resuscitated.

Lisa said...

As a person who experiences frequent faints, I feel as I can say that they are always frightening, but almost never a real emergency. Rushing off to the hospital when she already knows that she is being treated for an infection and that she has pushed herself too far is an over reaction. Communicating with her doctor seems to be the way to handle it.

Anonymous said...

Is Chelsea Clinton's apartment a quasi-emergency room? Does it fill with specialists on demand? Can she get medical tests done there? Does it have an EKG? Ultrasound? MRI? Does it have an objective medical staff? How about the Clinton 1.7 million dollar mansion in Chappaqua where Dr. Bardack visited Ms. Clinton at 5pm Sunday, many hours after the former Secretary's 9/11 morning ordeal.

Only after Bardack's press announcement did we get some medical information and notice of the prudent cancelling Clinton's Monday California travel. Huma Abedin had knowledge of Clinton's illness, but who else. Ms. Clinton could have avoided embarrassment, and attention diverted away from the 9/11 victims, with a simple prepared statement/press release of her current medical status to he media. She was riding with a whole entourage of journalists assigned to her. Did she tell anyone she was on antibiotics and might not be herself today? No, but this kind of transparency would help dispel serious health issues/deep concerns being battered around.

In 2012 Hillary suffered a serious rare blood clot. (One in 3 million; see ABC video and article below.) She suffered neurological impairment at the time - double vision, etc. This was her third episode with clots. Yikes. The temporary neurological impairment was from the rare clot, which left her hospitalized for many days and neurologically/visually impaired for several months. Clinton's family doctor (internist, dept. chair) links this "impairment" to a concussion. So was it clot or concussion that caused the double vision. Was Clinton suffering from flu and dehydration, which precipitated her to fall? Really? Or is that a causal view - fictional or factual, what does it matter. It matters a great deal about the health of Clinton and the future of the country if voters are kept visually impaired from the constant double talk leading to our own form of double vision. It ain't pleasant to be kept in the dark. Clinton has a family history of heart failure and we see clotting is in the picture as a big problem. We'd all like to see independent data on both candidates and it is vital to have them now, not when it is too late.

Presidential Health is a Campaign Issue said...

Judgment in question

If Hillary Clinton does not have the judgment to admit she has a health problem when in fact she does as in the present case of having succumbed to pneumonia, the former Secretary/Senator is not honest enough with herself and the American voter to be President of the United States. This is because of glaring trust issues that she has created. If Hillary Clinton needs competent medical evaluation from a top medical institution and refuses to get that evaluation and care she might need, she is not fit to be President of the United States. The American citizens will not believe that such a person knows how to diagnose what is ailing America, and will not trust her to seek the correct cure for our many domestic and foreign problems. If Hillary Clinton continues to blame Russia for her own party's lack of care in handling DNC e-mail security and being fair in primary elections, we can't trust such a person to be President of the United States. Every problem will be blamed on an imaginary ghost that follows her and gets her to lie and commit to corrupt acts. If Hillary Clinton still believes that she is fit to be commander in chief of the United States of America when she lost and hid thousands of secret documents for reasons that may amount to treason and obstruction of justice, that person who did such acts and continues to deny and lie about it is not fit to be the commander in chief of the United States of America.

Anonymous said...

Has Hillary Care/Obama Care/ACA harmed our healthcare deliver system to the point that a presidential candidate cannot even get the real care they need. Pneumonia is often the symptom of a more serious condition. Our system and the media all believe in the superficial and only scratch the surface. If our current health care system looks only at the superficial and not the very real deeper problems of the health and condition of the whole person, then even a presidential candidate will never get past the outer leaden door to gain access to meaningful effective healthcare. It will all just be a cheap Band-Aid.

Diane said...

They have disclosed "allergies" many times. I am leaning toward some sort of Mast Cell Disorder, more likely mast cell activation syndrome. Dsautonomia would explain the heat intolerance,coughing(plus triggers she is exposed to when in public )the fainting, the wobbling.. etc. These two are often secondary to many neuromuscular disorders including parkinson and huntington and mito and EDS type III.

If something neuromuscular is a foot it could explain some of the other symptoms that have surfaced over the past year.

I cannot help but wonder if the brain injury she received a few years ago plus her age plus any other health issues at the time simply combined and cascaded.

If it were something she could have day surgery for or easily drug to control she would have done it a long time ago- so something clearly either progressive or difficult to treat.

Anonymous said...

She has been coughing for months and they finally do a chest Xray to diagnose pneumonia? Seriously? Only a layperson would believe that. Did she have pneumonia weeks ago when she displayed a wide based gait upon climbing the stairs with assistance on both arms?

Hillary has normal pressure hydrocephalus. This is obvious.

Anonymous said...

Is Hillary's health record - soon to be released - on a private server? Or is it in the cloud stored in Wisconsin or in Kansas City. Is her doctor required to treat her as an ordinary patient or does she have paper records for Secretary Clinton?

full work-ups for the presidential campaign said...

Hillary Clinton and the MOC, Choosing Wisely debate

MOC should go, because it hurts the patient/physician relationship by taking time away and distracts a physician form having control/time to tailor CME for their patients' needs. Choosing Wisely destroys the patient/physician relationship by introducing artificial confusing theoretical cost/waste concepts, which act as restraint/burden on patient care with awkward/redundant verbiage that verges on being political and corporate propaganda -- detouring the physician and patient away from focusing on evidence based medical science.

Hillary Clinton's personal physician does not participate in MOC. But does Dr. Bardack follow the Choosing Wisely campaign, which professes shared decision making (SDM) with patients as to which possible tests, medications or surgeries might be indicated and what might be considered wasteful. I presume that in HRC's case she was given the differential diagnoses of having possible bronchitis/pneumonia/allergies/extended cold/flu-like symptoms/fever, etc and that there was a discussion concerning the value of antibiotics and if it was definitely a "pneumonia".

BTW, the Wall Street Journal confirmed today that Clinton's personal doctor was unsure about the pneumonia diagnosis and stated Clinton needed to be examined again. And that is why the diagnosis was not given to the public.
Can we now get specific with what kind of pneumonia/bronchitis Ms. Clinton has/had and what are/were the causal factors exactly.

My question is: does Dr. Bardack advocate Choosing Wisely concerning all of the hundreds of unvetted recommendations of CW -- what to avoid/what is wasteful/not necessary/questionable/has negative side effects and so on?

These CW concerns coming from the ABIM Foundation, Consumer Reports, ACP, RWJF, etc, are questions for the patient and for our healthcare system in general given out to control waste/cost in medicine. And if Dr. Bardack does follow Choosing Wisely, has CW not created a great confusion regarding the patient/physician relationship and just what specifically and generally to do for Secretary Clinton?

Did Clinton and her doctor decide on the right tests or series of tests to evaluate the leading candidate to be the next most powerful person on the planet. Is the patient getting the full range of evaluatory tools that are vital to determine if there are any underlying undiagnosed diseases or some chronic familial condition that is silently progressing causing Secretary Clinton to suffer falls, extended cough, non-specific attacks from allergies, bronchitis, pneumonia, blood pressure fluctuations, possible incontinence, serious history of clots, concussion artifacts, neurological impairment, hypothyroidism, fever, dehydration, weight fluctuation, facial puffiness, need for restorative cosmetic therapies, extreme stress syndrome, insomnia, fatigue, inability to wake up and get going, psychological denial, powering through when one is very ill, tendency to blame others for chronic disease, such as the frequent stated belief that her nagging allergic coughing is from a specific catalyst -- namely, her current political opponent, also running for the highest position in the land, fighting equally as hard to be the next president of the United States.

Clinton to release more medical records WSJ

"When the campaign did address the matter Sunday, a spokesman attributed her early departure to feeling overheated. Only later in the day did the campaign disclose she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. Mr. Fallon said the campaign wanted the information about Mrs. Clinton’s illness to come from her doctor, which he said wasn’t possible until she examined the candidate again."

Anonymous said...

You were right about Premier, Inc., and Christine Cassel/ABIM's conflicts of interest, but it appears the depth of the conflicts are almost unfathomable unless you have the time for a multi-year investigation of the facts all the way back to the Clinton years in the White House.

Anonymous said...

So now we are back to square one again. Did she or did she not have pneumonia?

Lucy said...

Senator Grassley has seen the truth. But it has nothing to do with Hillary's health record. But is will affect Hillary Clinton's health if the documents are delivered in full light and the truth is allowed to be revealed without redactions.

Mace B said...

Former congressional/navy physician has clear-headed statements that he believes Hillary should have been sent to the hospital immediately. "If it were my patient and I did not send her to the emergency room it would be malpractice." Video interview.

Says most likely there are underlying cardiovascular or neurological problems -- does not think dehydration caused syncope.

Also, it is interesting to see the group transporting Hillary did not look shocked. Body guards did not look for a shooter as she drops to the ground as though it was a common place activity to pick her up. Help her walk. In another video of Hillary's van there is a wheelchair in the back.

Ignore the comments and just look at the images of Hillary. She does not look consistently well and vibrant. I seems to me she is being propped up for limited events.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Wes. Based on everything I've seen and read, she has recurrent vasovagal syncope (frequent episodes according to Bill Clinton). Vasovagal syncope was responsible for her brain injury in 2011 when she sustained a brain contusion, a concussion, and a cerebral thrombosis. Despite her "doctors" statement that she does not have an inherited or acquired coagulopathy with a history of two previous episodes of DVT and a rare cerebral thrombosis, she is maintained on warfarin therapy as a "precaution." In my opinion she is a very poor candidate for anticoagulation given her recurrent syncope. She either needs to release all of her medical records or have a through evaluation at a highly respected medical institution (Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, etc) to sort out all these issues. One recurrent episode of syncope without staff around her could be potentially fatal.

Dr A

Anonymous said...

"In my opinion she is a very poor candidate for anticoagulation given her recurrent syncope."

This is an important point and one I hope Clinton's physician considers.
Strange that Lisa Bardack was with Hillary at the 9/11 and did not examine her at Chelsea's apartment. Or did she?

But then why is it reported that the spokesperson of the Clinton campaign was waiting for Hillary's physician to make a statement about the pneumonia. However, the campaign reported that the physician did not examine Hillary until 5 pm at their Chapaqqaua home. Strange if she was with her from before 8:30 am and that is Dr. Burdack in the many photos at the 9/11 event.

Anonymous said...

Political conflicts of interest in reporting about the trail/path to the White House

Regarding the Donald's path to the White House: Newsweek's politically motivated autho can find potential conflicts of interest (but nothing illegal) everywhere in the world when the magazine stumps against Trump. But regarding reporting on the egregiously conflicted trail of Christine Cassel and her ties to the Clinton-Obama White House the trail grew cold. Why?

Both candidates (Trump and Clinton) have potential conflicts of interest over their extensive global financial dealings and foundations. I would like the Newsweek author to give equal time to the incredible lies and financial conflicts of Hillary Clinton, which is a reporter's obligation -- to be fair and balanced.

The Newsweek author has let his wife and physicians down by being politically blind to the vast networks of corruption in the US healthcare system connected with and loyal to Hillary Clinton.

Following the Cassel/Clinton connections is a major undertaking and would require a large team of journalists eventually reporting their findings to the public and then to the DOJ, who would have to appoint an Independent Counsel due to the DOJ's own apparent political conflict of interests.

Kurt Eichenwald does it again makes the mistake of saying that a gastroenterologist is not an internist, so Donald Trumps health statement is not valid. He calls his doctor someone who treats digestive ailments and is not an internist. What say you, doctors. Is a cardiologist not an internist? And if a physician says that the results of a physical exam show a positive result, does that mean that the patient has every possible abnormality in the universe of medical testing on his panel results?

Health questions about Hillary a right wing conspiracy theory according to Kurt Eichenwald.

Kurt Eichenwald attacks the fringe dopes who make up the Republican party

Kurt's wife is an internist. What does she think is wrong with Hillary?

Anonymous said...

Big Brother ABIM and the Cassel/Baron/Wachter future MOC plans --
and why you should turn off your computer web cams and disengage the batteries and remove sim cards from your smart phones.

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed in 2013 that the government had tools to access not just computer webcams, but also the cameras in iPhones and BlackBerries.

Given ABIM's and ABMS' connections to the White House, corporate testing spies, and various government agencies, it is likely that Christine Cassel, Robert Wachter, Richard Baron, Lois Nora, Ballard Spahr, and especially ABIM Director of Investigations Benjamin Mannes (with his connections to test-spy co. Caveon and sister co. Kryterion, which monitors online test-takers and prosecutes those exhibiting irregular behavior) are already acting as "big brother" with all the illegal spying and files they have on everyone.

I'm surprised physicians have not demanded that that damn shady felon Mannes be fired along with all the other "crooked Hillary care cronies" at the ABIM and ABMS for violating tax codes and turning the ABIM/ABMS into a political action group funded by racketeering enterprises. Ariel Benjamin Mannes is not stranger to criminal activities and felony convictions. Surprisingly, Mannes, just a few years after being convicted for felonies is hired by the ABIM and then a few years later is made governor/board member of InfraGard(someone has connections to get them to overlook his double felonies or he flat out lied about it).

InfraGard is connected with the FBI and Homeland Security. This is outrageous to let a felon in the door who has a very dishonest and shady history. Does an FBI assurance that all access to "state data files" are tightly controlled, make us feel better. Well, the breaches of data and privacy have already been violated against DC reporters, physicians, nightclub clients, and who knows who else.

And here is an incredible story about Mannes while working at the ABIM on as an undisclosed asset getting paid from physicians' certification and MOC fees. And the assurances from the FBI to monitor non FBI use of their data systems by non FBI personnel, I discovered safeguards has not prevented Mannes from gaining access to FBI assistance, files, and local Korean police authorities/FBI counterparts to track down a Korean individual who apparently might have had a non-ABIM approved certification.

I seriously doubt the public would approve of a convicted felon who cannot be trusted at all to work as a police officer (history), now has a partner at the FBI who he uses for his own purposes to sustain his lucrative job at the ABIM. And whatever else they share with their cozy working relationship! I am not comfortable with all this and the misconduct involved in "partnering up". Now the ABIM has FBI access through people he wins favors from and fools as an expert on criminology and homeland security. That is frightening. Truth be known, Mannes is a felon/ex-bad cop thrown off the force. He is not to be trusted with anything, yet the ABIM hired him to investigate physicians taking board prep courses, individuals involved in certification fraud, and keep the lucrative money scheme and political action machine going.

Anonymous said...

A. Benjamin Mannes, ABIM/FBI/InfraGard and more of his past shady connections

Now take a closer look at the cozy ABIM/FBI/InfraGard relationship and tell me if you like it. I want this stopped and Mannes terminated immediately along with his bosses and his corporate handlers should be investigated.

Mannes, ABIM/FBI, and the Korean Affair (involving interstate and international FBI resources, officers and offices)

The ABIM spent undisclosed tens of thousands of ABIM's revenue dollars and countless man hours (with travel perks) for a wild goose chase that did not accomplish anything other than to give Mr. Mannes and his FBI female partner in "fiduciary irresponsibility" a criminal chase and spin it as a great accomplishment for their CV's. It is unclear why Ariel Benjamin Mannes had to choose a female study/investigative travel partner to gain FBI cooperation/access, but it is a fair question to ask. I would like to hear from Dr. Baron about all this waste of money and increased police state at the ABIM.

Apparently, Mannes partner has an interest in the lucrative testing security market and tapping the many networks which Mannes has to give "subject matter expert" lectures all over the world. It is quite lucrative and to have an insider at the FBI and an insider in the testing security industry is a tit for tat. Time will tell how an FBI agent gets involved in the shady world of a double felon's past and the testing security world of spying, persecutions of clients and prosecutions.

Mr Mannes is a director/executive not included in the ABIM 990 filings. Not listed, never even mentioned in a press release, except one which they scrubbed after he became a corporate spy invading privacy and intimidating thousands of physicians. Physicians aware of Mannes are outraged and demand that his position be terminated. Mannes manipulated evidence in the ABIM vs. ABR Dr Arora, Dr Kachadourian, and John Doe 50 (physicians) in order to seize tens of thousands of files on physicians and email correspondence with the sole proprietor board prep instructor of ABR.

From Mannes online CV, which does not mention being fired from metro DC police for intimidation and harassment of a reporter (destroying DC journalists 1st amendment rights), fired from TSA for criminal arrests involving firearms possession, etc, and being charged with criminal assault, illegal firearms possession, and impersonation of a police officer resulting in a double felony conviction with a guilty plea, we read about the following ludicrous sting operation involving travel/investigations abroad and the squandering of taxpayers money in the US and Korea, and physicians who pay for Mannes lucrative position harassing, intimidating, destroying physicians lives. All in the name of "trademark" protection.

The foreign individual "the Korean criminal" Mannes pursued -- if there even was one, because we only have Mannes and his FBI side-kick's word that their was a criminal. As far as we can determine this "Korean criminal" made out to be a king-pin of crime never harmed anyone with his "fake certification" or "bogus medical credential". It is unclear why the FBI got involved, really, and why they could not handle the case on their own if it was a worthy FBI case at all.

The FBI does not have time for all the real criminals. How could they pursue a petty issue, and turn it into an international affair. I would like your take on this Wes, and others. Is this not just another example of ABIM's waste and utter profligate lifestyles. What hotels did they stay at. What about first class travel to Korea. Nice!

Mannes and the Korean Affair said...

Mannes CV "Law Enforcement Officer of the Year"

"Pennsylvania Shield & Square Club (PA Grand Lodge of F&AM) June 2014

As the Director, Test Security at ABIM, Ben Mannes was investigating reports of attempted identity theft involving a physician certified by the board. After identifying the m/o and the suspect in the case, Mannes notified the FBI who conducted a multi-state investigation jointly with Mannes to determine that the suspect, who is from Seoul, South Korea had committed identity theft and worked with forgers to assume US medical credentials, as well as the identity of the US physician, possibly in an attempt to practice medicine without training or certification, in Korea and possibly in the U.S.

The investigation was then handed to the FBI Legal in Seoul, who worked with the Korean National Police to identify and locate the suspect, who in turn was apprehended by Korean federal authorities in August, 2013. The joint investigation by the American Board of Internal Medicine, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Korean National Police recovered the following documents:

• Four fraudulent, yet authentic letters verifying American Medical Board Certification,
• A forged US Department of Veteran’s Affairs medical residency certificate
• Forged Specialty Certification in Internal Medicine
• Forged Texas State clerk of court document certification
• Forged University fellowship certificate in Critical Care

Therefore, for their diligence in taking a seemingly common white-collar investigation and following the evidence to the point where they closed a multi-national criminal case, the PA Shield & Square Club awarded Director Mannes and Special Agent Kathleen Kaderabeck (FBI Philadelphia) for 2014 Pennsylvania Shield & Square Club Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Awards."

Did Mannes tell the Shield and Square Club that he has a double felony and was thrown off the DC police force after a very short time. And tossed out of the TSA for criminal wrongdoing, moonlighting at a drug rich DC nightclub?

Also from Mannes CV "Resolution of the Board of Directors
Board of Directors, American Board of Internal Medicine, June 2010

Recognizing the extraordinary challenges created through the identification, investigation, and management of the Arora Board Review copyright Infringement and Theft of Trade Secrets case. (Investigating sanctioning and suing thousands of physicians illegally from 2008 to present.)"

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if we can get a statement from the ABIM on the propriety of politicizing a medical chart and actual health of a candidate coupled with the fact that Hillary's internist, Dr. Bardack is not keeping up and Christine Cassel is not keeping up with MOC. These are two very important members of the ABIM support for their healthcare reform platform -- plus the ABIM Foundation and the Choosing Wisely cost control campaign.

The Clinton team is walking a very fine lines between secrecy, dispensing propaganda and lying to the public concerning Hillary's health. Clinton and her team are very far living up to their transparent models. They have only coughed-up data/statements when pressured to do so. And statements like "including" such and such a list of medications stops very short of giving that transparent appearance of providing all the medication lists to us.


"Of note, she [Hillary] has remained stable for many years on Armor thyroid to treat her hypothyroidism (low T-3 level)." Look up the current guidelines for this drug. Is Hillary really in need of this drug or is it just "propping her up". Is it being dispensed like an "enhancement drug". I'd like to see the actual numbers in her panel to see if this drug is indicated. There is a great deal being hidden, because I suspect they don't want us to know the truth that Hillary personally thinks she needs the thyroid medication and it may not be medically indicated.

Hillary may be pressuring her physician about the prescription and imo she should be referred to appropriate specialists and the campaign should make those notes available to us. We have real trust issues here. The letter and carefully featured treatments may be masking disease.

Anonymous said...

The ACA framers

Is Hillary is the universal healthcare Czar behind Obama's ACA, as is obvious to most observers?

With all the Hillary-Care connected appointees to the White House like Christine Cassel, we should have complete transparency as to how the medical system for Hillary works, if it is efficient, fair and cost effective. And we should have a comparison to the care that everyone else is getting. Would that not be fair?

By the way, Oregon, the ACA model state just settled their lawsuit with Oracle over the failure of their healthcare exchange portal. The state spent over 300 million federal tax dollars and got almost nothing of the 6 billion dollars they claimed that Oracle owed the state. Oregon got 100 million dollars and called it a victory. 25 million dollars of that was for litigation. fees. It has been a total scandal and the governor, Hillary and Christine Cassel's crony was forced to resign over it and corruption charges.

Much is kept out of the mainstream news.

Anonymous said...

Seeing the logs of those who used the $2.3 million luxury condo and why is looking more and more interesting. As we get a better understanding of how much lobbying the ABIM and ABIMF engaged in it is obvious that official statements fall very short of the truth. Their silence fills the air with a lot of colorful interpretation.

x said...

multiple falls and aspiration pneumonia = dysautonomia. plus, i think the diagnosis is not new. it is just manifesting in the presence of increased stress. that is why she is asked to stay indoor.
dont be surprised if she is sitting on chair during the debates.

i think she had dysautonomia, before her husband pushed hipaa in 1996 (if not wrong).