Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Where Will Social Media Be in Five Years?

Where will social media be in five years? Will it be dead? Will it be thriving? What will it look like?

This was just one question posed to me as a speaker in this topic for the 2015 American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions in San Diego this upcoming weekend.  Here are some of my thoughts and I'd love to hear what others think (I need CONTENT people!) since I'm really not an expert:
  • The word "social" in "social media" will disappear.
  • The term "rectangle deficiency" (aka, misplaced cellphone) will achieve DSM-V status.
  • True privacy will be the "new black" for medicine (as will actually looking at the patient).
  • Text messaging will overwhelmingly replace paging for day-to-day patient care.
  • Research will increasingly recruit patients via this channel.
  • Credible content on social media will be recognized and even encouraged by academic institutions.
  • US physician attendance at Scientific sessions will further dwindle due to costs while subsidized overseas physician attendance will grow.

  • The Apple iWatch will be so, well, yesterday...

Am I smoking something or making sense?

Your thoughts?


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