Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What Signs Would Bureaucrats and Regulators Hold Up?

Nice to see front-line health care workers finding their voice.

I wonder what signs our health care bureaucrats and regulators would hold up?



Anonymous said...

Here's one: "WE know better and shall decide what kind of CARE is permissible and what it will cost"

Anonymous said...


No one is a bigger fan of you than myself. However, since I also have a law degree, I will suggest that historically it is futile to only talk. We all know what is going on with the regulators and that what is billed as public interest is surely loaded by personal interest considerations.

The squeaky door gets the grease. The blacks in Alabama only got results when someone refused to submit to bullying. Harvard Law School has a group of professors who have designated themselves the group for "Conservative Legal Studies" Their conclusion is that law and the courts are not based on right and wrong but pressures exerted in society.

If you want to sidetrack ABIM, then as a group the internists must actually refuse to submit. Until then, NOTHING will happen. Good in theory never happens. Doctors are averse to doing public things, consider themselves above it. This is very naieve thinking and will sink them soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Amen, it takes an action to get a reaction in the courts or in legislation - the time is now for the smart people in these specialties to state their desires for change.

Anonymous said...

Here's another: "You say registry. We say revenue."