Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Left to My Own Devices: A New EP Blog is Born

Good scientific writing is hard to find, but sometimes good writers find scientific writing. 

Such is the case with Edward J. Schloss, MD, a cardiac electrophysiologist from Cincinnati, Ohio who entered the social media space via Twitter (@EJSMD) several years ago and began writing a series of articulate and remarkably prescient guest posts for Cardiobrief.org about St. Jude's Durata defibrillator lead's structural similarities to the Riata ST lead (see here, here and here) , among others.  As he hesitated to enter the blog-o-sphere personally, he also posted on fellow EP colleague John Mandrola's blog as well.

Now, with a bit of trepidation, Dr. Schloss begins his foray into the blog-o-phere with a great review of  the utility of cardiac resynchronization in patient with narrow-QRS-complex cardiomyopathy on his new blog, Left to My Own Devices.

Go now.  Welcome Dr. Schloss.  Then bookmark his blog's webpage and add it to your feed reader. 

You'll be glad you did.


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