Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Doctors' 2012 33% Tax Hidden Tax Hike

Physicians were the subject of a 33% tax hike that most of them weren't even aware they received this year. 

That's right.   Thirty-three percent. 

Couched as "only five additional dollars each month" by the government, it passed because doctors don't make the Federal Register part of their weekly reading list and because our professional lobbying organizations were either asleep at the wheel or distracted by the whole health care reform mess.

You see if you want to get more money for government programs, you should tax the "rich" doctors - the very same doctors that are enjoying (and have experienced the delays in payment caused by) the joys of the annual congressional cat-and-mouse game of a threatened 30% pay cut wrapped up in the fiscal cliff negotiations.  (Don't worry docs, *wink wink* it really won't happen).

The "tax" I'm speaking of?  Why it's the new $731 DEA registration fee.

Until 2011, the three-year fee was $551.  Now it's $731.

You do the math.

And why were the fees against doctors increased?

Because the DEA needed more money.  According to the FDA Law blog, the DEA cited a number of factors justifying the fee increase including:
•Expanding the use of Tactical Diversion Squads comprised of DEA diversion investigators and special agents, state and local law enforcement and regulatory officers conducting criminal investigations;

•Increased scheduled registrant investigations and inspections;

•Increased drug scheduling actions;

•Responding to the expanding number of synthetic substances such as synthetic cannabinoids and synthetic cathinones; and

•Establishing and maintaining information technology systems for registrants.

That's right, in addition to paying ever-higher taxes, licensure fees, credentialing and continuing education fees, doctors are footing a larger and larger tab of the nation's drug war while simultaneously trying to fight it on the front lines.


And people wonder why doctors are burnt out and fed up.


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vanderleun said...

Hey, the country evidently wants this sort of thing to happen. Never forget:

"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard." -- H. L. Mencken

Anonymous said...

State Board licensing fees went up last cycle, too, even an extra little fee for applying online. Plus, if want a copy of the license, it's another fee. Inclined to tell future employers that my license information is on the state website and for a fee it can be accessed for verification.