Saturday, November 24, 2012

Slow Medicine

Medicine is changing.

We are moving from Mom-and-Pop medicine to Big Box corporate machine medicine.

We are moving from innovation to rote checklists.

We are moving from tangible slow paper to imperceptible high-speed electrons.

We are moving from manuscripts to sound bites.

We are moving from teaching points to talking points.

We are moving from original research to corporate research.

We are moving from the bedside to the desktop.

We are moving from patience to impatience.

We are moving from length of illness to length of stay.

We touch less, view more from a distance.

We are becoming risk-averse, safety-conscious, feel-good salesmen of the impossible as we follow more and lead less.

Like food, we need a slow movement in medicine:








Anonymous said...

There is one. gives a thumbnail history with some links.

Unknown said...

In Italy the Slow Medicine movement exists since 2011:

facebook group slow medicine italia