Monday, October 15, 2012

Pager Spam

As if call wasn't bad enough, here's some screen shots of a 02:30 am page received yesterday evening:


May the dung of a thousand elephants land on this advertised web page.

(*** WARNING *** Enter the web address displayed at your own risk. My antivirus software detected a possible computer threat.)



Anonymous said...

I'm not a doc nor am I tied to a pager but oh wow, would I be royally ticked if I *had* to wake up to take a page only to see it was spam.

If I receive a spam on my cell phone, I text back with one word: "STOP!" They are required to cease sending any more text messages. I have found that this really does work, spammers are complying.

Healthy Bastard said...

I will unleash the white hat hackers on them - they will be hit with a DOS attack the likes of which will force there isp to ditch them.