Monday, September 10, 2012

The Empty Chairs

It's the skit I would have liked to see by either political party:

The Independent Payment Advisory Board

Eastwood: "So, would each of you like to introduce yourself to the American Public?"

* silence *

Eastwood: "How many of you are licensed physicians?"

A few raise their hands.

Eastwood:   "Really, that's all?  (Mumbles under his breath, "Wow."   He continues:  "How many of you are men and how many are women?"

* silence *

Eastwood: "Given there are 50 states in the United States, could you tell us in which state each one of you live?"

* silence *  As if no one wants to admit where they live...

Eastwood: " If one of you gets sick, are there only 14 people who vote or does someone else gets picked?"

* silence *

Eastwood: "How many of you have parents still living over 75?"

A few hands are raised.

Eastwood: "How many of you are less than 35 years of age?"

* silence *

Eastwood:  "How many of you have ever told someone they have cancer and then cared for them?"

* silence *

Eastwood:  "How many of you received grants of any kind from the US government?  Any of you stand to receive benefits from the US government of any kind?  Might one of those benefits include health care for you or your family?"

* silence *

Eastwood: "Do any of you carry the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene for breast cancer or does anyone in your family?"

* silence *  Some appear confused by the question.

Eastwood: "Would each of you share your religious affiliation with America?  Any atheists amongst you?"

* silence *

Eastwood:  "Well, it seems we're not getting too far.  I guess we'll conclude there and ask the American people what they'd like to ask you..."

* Opens microphone to responsible voices... *


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Anonymous said...


Why do I expect you will soon be asking how many gays, how many republicans, how many jews, how many African-Americans, how many union members?