Tuesday, July 05, 2011

European EP Societies Reach Détente

After two years of lengthy discussions, it looks like the Heart Rhythm Society (based in the U.S.) will have a consolidated European competitor counterpart by 2014:
European Heart Rhythm Society-Europace and Cardiostim, Europe's leading congresses in "electrophysiology" and the treatment of heart rhythm disorders (such as atrial fibrillation) have formed a strategic alliance to ensure the development from year to year of a homogeneous congress programme devised under the direction of a common scientific committee.
Historically, the two congresses have alternated the hosting responsibilities for their annual EP meetings: Europace on the odd years and Cardiostim on the even years.

Doctors are glad these colleges will now "provide a scientific continuum from one event to the next."

That's how science works, right? No major breakthroughs to report and doctors (and the public) appropriately shielded from reports of major device complications.


I'm glad that the European EP congresses will finally provide a fine-tuned marketing scientific continuum.


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