Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Cardiologists as "Heart Whisperers"

... a creative moniker if there ever was one, but it should probably be reserved for primary care specialists, instead.



Dennis said...

The thing is, most folks get in line if they have a problem... A visit to the primary care guy. "Hey Doc... I got a pain." Then for example, off to the cardiologist. "Hey Doc... I got a pain." Then off to the Electrophysiologist. "Hey Doc... I got a pain." A serious problem when you get to the top of the food chain is that with all the new gadgets, geegaw's, invitations, meds, devices, tests, procedures, there are now more patients in need of all this technological wizardry than specialists. Its a worry for the patient especially when every time you see these docs they look more and more like walking dead men...or women. The whole thing is stretched thin to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Reflections on Dennis' comments...all those costs as we manuever from one doc to the next. What's a better, more efficient, cost saving way? We've got to figure it out!