Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Who Do They Think They Are?

Who do they think they are, those pesky judges who rule that those piddling, nagging, annoying rights of the individual matter? Who do they think they are getting in the way of grand sweeping visions?

But who they are is Americans. This is what makes America unique: the profound belief that the individual and their rights matter above the interests of the government. As messy and maddening as that may seem, it is, and has been, our strength as a nation.

I wonder if such a suit would have happened in any other country in the world.

Russia? France? England? Germany? Cuba?


Only in America the beautiful.


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Anonymous said...

You're killing me,doc! I haven't written a paper in 40 years, but I wouldn't have much trouble putting together 40 pages. Yes, god bless the courts but they are not infallible. If you allow me some history, think Dred Scott, think miscegenation, think sodomy in Texas. There are plenty of Americans who shudder over Bush v Gore and Citizens United and think those justices WERE PLENTY PESKY. And I seem to have missed your blog that offered similar support of the judiciary when they found in favor of the health reform bill. I don't want to be tiresome so I'll close with a quote from a Justice that you no doubt admire: "Get over it". He was referring to Bush v Gore; I think it's applicable to your antipathy to health care reform.