Monday, October 04, 2010


... Saw a little tidbit, courtesy Sitemeter: it seems this blog was mentioned in "O" magazine as a "Four Doctor Blogs to Read Now", along with surgeon Jeffrey Parks, MD of Buckeye Surgeon, Lucy E. Hornstein, MD from Musings of a Dinosaur, and Kimberly D. Manning, MD of

Man, and I haven't even put up a post today...


(Welcome to all three of my new readers! Hope my sidebar samplings will do for now.)



Ms. Adventuress said... terrific is that!

djdjd04 said...

Dr. Kimberly Manning is my sister, so I'm happy for ALL OF YOU!!!

padschicago said...

For a moment after reading about the defibrillator sex I thought the "O" you were talking about was the Orgasm. Either way, congratulations!