Friday, August 27, 2010

The Terror of It All

For fathers and daughters at a certain point of life, it becomes a late night, almost weekly, ritual and bonding moment - the late might Walgreen's hit. Last night was no exception.

My daughter, realizing she needed a few last-minute school supplies and a few other cosmetic/facial/hair/nail/chewing gum necessities, asked me to take her to Walgreen's. It was a beautiful night - perfect temperature, low humidity, full moon. It was clear she was excited for the new school year ahead.

But as she got out of the car, she turned and delivered a blow:
"Dad, do you realize that next week I get my learner's permit?"
I'm not sure which was scarier: the fact that this was my third and final trip around this block with a child, or the fact that soon the next time we'll be driving together to Walgreen's, it'll be for my Depends undergarments.



Dstarr said...

It's lifechanging when your children get their drivers licenses. I fondly remember taking my daughter to the Registry for her road test. And some white knuckled rides with children at the wheel.

SeaSpray said...

You sound like a terrific dad Dr Wes.

I wish my dad had cared enough to be around.

I think the most difficult time as a parent is when the kids first get their license. I liked it better when I knew we were driving them ..the control felt safer.

then I preferred they drive vs with friends. I prayed a lot.

Then you get used to it ..sort of. :)