Saturday, November 07, 2009

Reader Poll: Should House Health Care Bill Pass?

With the US House of Representatives set to vote on the ‘‘Affordable Health Care for America Act’’ (H.R. Bill 3962) this weekend, should the bill pass?

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P.S. I'm not tracking URL's nor marketing - promise - just interested what others who read this blog think.


Dana said...

We need elements of health care reform - no question. But the approach in the House and Senate are just too big, bloated, influenced by waaay too many special interests, and have the potential for so many unintended consequences that will overwhelm the good intentions and ultimately souring people on necessary, REAL reform. I just don't get why the politicians - both Democrats and Republicans - can't do what their constituients want them to do - make it simple and get it right.

jmp said...

I'd feel a lot better about any health care bill / reform if it was manditory for the Executive, Congressional & Fed. Judicial Branchs to join and optional for all US Citizen to sign up or leave the plan when every they wanted to. The current bill is to complicated and appears to allow for too many loop holes / special interest. I just don't trust Congress and the President to get it right.

Sibyl said...

I'm certainly not happy that people keep sneaking in amendments that would make the US government pay for treatments that have no evidence base like faith healing (Christian Scientists) and chiropractors.

I do want a public option, though. I want them to create a public option and destroy the patchy medical programs for the poor like Medicaid. We can help the poor afford the same coverage the rest of us get, and they can pay the same co-pays we all pay. That will encourage responsible use of the system.

Anonymous said...

we don't even know what is in the bill and they want to vote? the ama, aha, and aarp have endorsed a bill they haven't even read? this is worse than bush's drug plan.