Sunday, August 02, 2009

America's Favorite Pastime

... deep fried food.

Cardiologists everywhere thank you.



Anonymous said...

Well finally I get to ask a cardiologist about this. Assuming that saturated fat really does clog arteries (I have my skeptical moments, when I think of omnivorous relatives who lived well into their 90s, as well as the French paradox), does that mean that peaches or pickles deep-fried in vegetable oil would have the same effect? Where does the saturated fat come from in those foods?

DrWes said...


It's probably the additional calories provided from fat and carbohydrate calories in deep fried foods that affects the incidence of coronary disease via metabolic syndrome more than the addition of any type of fat, per se. Deep frying promotes the conversion of polunstaturated to saturated fats in foods (chemists reading this could comment further).

I have discussed the evidence surrounding low carbohydrate diets vs. higher fat diets many times before in this blog (see here, here, and here.) Deep fried foods with their flour coatings, are anything but low carbohydrate in nature.

Marco said...

How do they make deep fried Coke?!