Friday, November 09, 2007

Is It Live or Is It Memorex?

Real or not?

Street Anatomy with the answer.


Advanet said...

Let me have a guess. It it real.


DrWes said...


Afraid not - it's made with computer-generated imagery (CGI). You can read more about this on the Jellyfish Pictures website. They were contracted for a BBC series called Fight for Life. Heart. Here's an excerpt:

"Software used was Softimage XSI, Apple Shake, Adobe After Effects, PF track, Real Flow, Adobe Photoshop. The rendering was done in Mental Ray using up to 20 passes that were composited in Shake typically these included: lighting (RGB), multiple beauty, colour, Final Gathering, ambient occlusion, reflection, sub surface scattering, specular, depth of field, vector and incidence."