Friday, June 08, 2007

The 5-Second Rule Tested

And now comes this word that the "5-second rule" has merit. You know, the opps-I-dropped-something-I-want-to-eat-on-the-floor-and-as-long-as-it-sits-there-less-than-5-seconds-it-will-still-be-safe-to-eat rule. It seems the rule has now been tested and you might even have more time than that:
A college professor and her students have challenged the prevailing wisdom of the so-called 5-second rule, which for generations has governed how long little morsels can remain on floors uncontaminated.

The window, the Connecticut team has concluded, is really 30 seconds.

"We wanted to look at a real-world situation," said Anne Bernhard, assistant professor of biology at Connecticut College in New London, noting the difference between her team's work and that of an earlier researcher.
Funny, I always thought it was the "ten-second rule." Glad to hear I can take my time bending over.

I wonder what our infectious disease department will say...


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