Thursday, December 07, 2006

Christmas Gifts

It’s been a busy period here, so the blogging has been a bit sparce recently, sorry.

I have been thinking about Christmas gifts for our staff this year. They’re the ones who spend countless hours getting charts ready and arranging the little logistics that make such a difference to the overall patient experience. I feel it’s important to acknowledge all of their efforts over the past year. But then I saw how Chicago’s Mayor Daley does his gift-giving a holiday time:
A memorandum sent out last month on city stationery asks department heads and senior staffers to give a "$35 voluntary donation (no checks please)" toward a gift for Mayor Richard Daley and his wife, Maggie.
Seems that’s how things get done here in Chicago.

The article goes on to say that past years they have bought a salt water aquarium and a piece of art from China for him. This year’s gift will reportedly be different.
When the Tribune asked what the present would be, mayoral spokeswoman Jodi Kawada revealed Wednesday that a $2300 charitable donation will be made in the Daley’s names. The money will go to After School Matters, a program overseen by Maggie Daley that offers activities for city teenagers.
Seems to me the names of all of the contributors should be mentioned, not the Daleys.

Does anyone else have clever ideas for Christmas gifts for staff?



Anonymous said...

Food is always a good one for me...a gift certificate to a favourite restaurant.

DrWes said...

Thanks, Shauna!