Friday, December 02, 2005

"All Conditions Suited to a T"

Thanks to all who have made this journey into the internet world so enjoyable. The story of our simple website,, is catching on and gaining momentum. A story and pics from Pioneer Press from 1 Dec 2005 touches a bit on the inspiration and motivation for the site. We've heard from TONS of folks about the power of humor and support to help them deal with their tough illnesses and continue to expand the medical conditions we cover and charities to whom we donate. We hope to generate the $5K needed to make us a REAL non-profit so that folks can be reassured that their donation will be tax-deductible. (Funny how lawyers always get their fees FIRST....oh, er, sorry, the doctor in me leaks out sometimes. :) )

If there's any graphic designers out there who'd like to design and donate a really cool shirt design for a medical cause near and dear to their heart, and in turn use our site as a marketing stepping stone to greatness, we'd be happy to post your design on a t-shirt and acknowledge you as the designer (and provide a link to your site).... it's just a thought, but who knows... it might generate some interest in your work.... just e-mail the design to me from the MedTees website under the "Contact Us" tab.

Oh, for those of you interested in purchases there, be aware there will be a TWO-DAY SALE on 7 and 8 Dec 2005 of $5 off on any purchase over $20, $10 off more then $40, and $25 off any purchase over $100. You'll have to enter a special code to get the credit on your purchase. So keep your eye on the sales graphic on the front page....

Happy holidays!


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