Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Silent Epidemic

There's an epidemic out there, but most don't realize it exists. No, it's not bird flu (geez enough already... the regular flu 'll kill more people this year than bird flu...), or the spread of aids, or any other myriad infectious disease. I dare say this epidemic is ALREADY dwarfing all of those illnesses combined.

You see every morning across America and around the world people are being blindsided by the fact that they (or a loved one) were just diagnosed with a traumatic and unexpected illness. They've been through all the tests, and now feel they're the only one with the illness, don't know where to turn, and feel miserable. God forbid anyone mentions their problems except to their closest counterparts. And yet, if there was a way to get them to come "out of the closet" about these problems, they'd find there is a HUGE number of individuals who have been there, and done that, and most importantly, probably have significant insights they could contribute or suggestions on avenues to seek for help.

So if you're wondering what is in the process of doing, it's to break this silent epidemic through humor and support. Check it out, or send this site to a friend. You'll both be better for it.


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