Monday, June 24, 2019

Re-Defining Medical Professionalism

In 1999 we were told a new organization was created by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) to "improve healthcare through the advancement of medical professionalism." That organization then created a workgroup to create a white paper on "medical professionalism co-published simultaneously in the Annals of Internal Medicine and Lancet called "Medical Professionalism in the New Millennium - A Physician Charter."

The President and CEO of the ABIM Foundation has recently begun a speaking tour called "Rebuilding Patient Trust" that started with a Ted talk here in Chicago several weeks ago and now has spread West to the Aspen Ideas Festival. Given this, it is now abundantly clear that the ABIM Foundations' definition of "medical professionalism" needs rebuilding. As a past and future patient, the notion that the head of one of the most trust unworthy organizations in medicine is man-splaining to me how to "rebuild patient trust" is about as creepy as it gets. Visions of catholic priest pedophiles grooming their vulnerable victims comes to mind. Why is this?

Simply, the President and CEO of the ABIM and ABIM Foundation has not proven himself to be a trust-worthy individual. Trust-worthy individuals do not deceptively file tax forms. Trust-worthy individuals that run a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization do not purchase luxury condominiums for themselves. Trust-worthy individuals do not hire felons to serve as test security directors that raid people's homes. Trust-worthy-individuals to not lobby Congress as a 501(c)(3) organization and fail to claim this on tax forms. Trust-worthy individuals do not off-shore physician testing fees to the Cayman Islands. And trust-worthy individuals do not restrict their colleagues right to work because they refuse to succumb to tactics that leverage their false claims to hospitals and insurers to assure their products are purchased.

Patients know better.

Especially this one.

Honesty, transparency, and accountability are the foundations of medical professionalism.

Publicly gaslighting patients as a non-practicing physician in the name of re-establishing "trust" is true medical professionalism's antithesis.



  1. "Trust is the glue of life!" says the communications consultant "moderator" on this Aspen Ideas puppet show. Most predictably and despite claiming to act as the "moderator" she disclosed herself as an ABIM trustee, as is the lackluster head of some nursing school and of course the shameless Rich Baron dressed in an epileptogenic tee shirt to awaken the most somnolent attendees. Thus 3 out of 4 participants of this Aspen Health forum called "Rebuilding Patient Trust" are dyed in the wool ABMS/ABIM lackeys. The fourth, Dave Choksi, is 'chief population health officer at NYC health and hospitals.' Whenever you see the term "population health" be very afraid because it is code for ignoring the health of individuals and favoring widespread rationing of healthcare delivery. Thus we have a near exclusive ABIM line up for this panel discussion. How could any patient trust the present model of corporatist healthcare and more to the point, how could any doctor trust the ABMS ever again?

  2. The New Look of ABIM/ABMS Professionalism? It's a Brave New Monetized World.

    Strange how the current and past executives/board officers at the ABIM/ABMS are wearing "Google-type glasses" when they speak in public. They must be reading/hearing the script on/from their glasses. They look like robots completely assimilated and plugged into the corporate Matrix/Borg/Brave New Monetized World.

    The Matrix comes equipped with cloned felons to spy on you and track you down along with expensive legal teams that prosecute you if you think outside the corporate Matrix/Borg Box.

    I guess this is how they define professionalism at the ABMS -- to sell out and lose your ability to think independently. They don't want you to follow the path of a real scientific investigator/clinician. ABMS MOC science, shameful politics and corporate propaganda abound at the the ABIM/ABMS.

  3. And God forbid if they if they ever grew a conscience to go along with those dark horns.

  4. Self-Regulation @ ABIM/ABMS_MOC® is Non-Existent.

    The ABMS is Devoid of Trust Because There is No Factual Basis for the MOC Mandate. Executives at the ABMS/ABIM et al lie to the public and physicians. They do not disclose facts. Facts for them do not exist. Only mistruths that suit their financial and political pleasures.

    MOC is as wrong as a child with the mumps or the measles. MOC is like a bad disease that could have been avoided. MOC limits patient contact with highly skilled physicians with medical degrees. Patients lose when time is limited due to useless MOC demands.

    Physicians and patients need a vaccine against MOC and the ABIM/ABMS BS. MOC should have been dealt with 30 years ago. Now MOC and ABIM's fake/pseudo professionalism is an epidemic. Patients and physicians are forced to live with the disease of MOC.

    MOC is a totally unnecessary pandemic just so Rich Baron and other ABMS executives can get rich and give totally stupid and irrelevant TED TALKS on physicians' hard-earned money. (Watch the video of "Dr." Baron's TedTalk. 13 tragic minutes of nothing except misdirection and misinformation from Rich Baron in Chicago.)

    End result cronies that the ABIM/ABMS proxy for profit. Nothing has changed except the images and illusions the ABIM projects.) The ABMS does not serve the public or profession.

    ABIM's former CEO took money for influence and appears to have been further rewarded for her "indiscretions".


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